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Alla scoperta di Pisa

nel periodo del Gioco del Ponte...

La pisa della Donne

Eroine, nobili, artiste, studiose, ribelli e letterate...


The elegant city of Lucca is contained within its magnificent walls, the greenest part of the city where inhabitants of Lucca like to walk around, go by bike and jogging. Visiting Lucca one perceives peace and quietness of this ancient city. 


Founded by the Romans, Lucca became the capital of Lombard Duchy, afterwards the textile center of the precious silks. Lucca also was the independent city and home of famous painters and musicians such as Boccherini, Catalani and Puccini. The city as well is famous for its distinctive gastronomy: spelt, the extra virgin oil, Buccellato bread flavored with anise and high quality wines.


The beautiful villas of Lucca province and whole area from Garfagniana Valley to Versilia offer the incredible choice for many different and unforgettable itineraries.